My first ever blog post: I have arrived!

Warning: There are days when my quota of cursing is pretty high. If that is offensive to you, I apologize. But I do recommend you find another blog to read if that’s the case. You’ve been warned. If you decide to complain about it, I WILL send you to your room. My blog. My rules.

Now that we have that out of the way, a little about who I am and how I got to this place. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 9 1/2 glorious and exhausting years. I’ll be honest. There are days where I just mail it in mom and wife-wise. But in general I do my best to keep our family in one piece and hopefully raise children who will be good citizens and not serial killers one day.

My first rule is “be kind.” That’s not to say that I personally haven’t broken that rule 50 times before breakfast, but it’s a goal at least. When another parent tells me that my kid was polite, generous and was kind and cared for someone, I know I must be doing a good job. Or maybe they do it in spite of me. I’m not sure some days.

A little bit about my family dynamic.

My husband: I have a husband of 12 years who works insane hours at a stressful job that he’s really good at. He really is one of the smartest and loyal people I know. Sure, there are days where I really feel like dope slapping him and the little things get the best of me. His motto for life is, “Go big or go home.” Sometimes that’s really awesome because he immerses himself in the things he loves and his enthusiasm is contagious. Other times I wish he be more enthusiastic about putting his dishes in the dishwasher or not leaving 20 pairs of socks pile up in his office. But at the end of the day, he is a super hero and more than I could ask for. Somehow he puts up with my BS. I need to get over myself and let the small stuff go more often.

1512833_10207717846968820_3907882682562017329_nMy 9 year old son: I’ve come to believe that his main goal in life is to see how long it will take to wear out all of my buttons. Like he seriously stomps on them trying to see if he can get me to stroke out. He’s gotten close. Often. But he’s always had this larger-than-life personality with strong opinions and loves people fiercely, always looking out for the little guy. As much as he makes me want to completely lose my mind, he goes and does something so sweet and kind it makes me want hug the stuffing out of him.  Other days it’s back to strangling, but…


My 6 year old son: It always amazes me how different siblings can be. For as intense and trying as my 9 year old can be, my 6 year old somehow just manages to go with the flow and thinks being in 1st grade is the best thing since Legos. He puts up with a lot (and I mean A LOT) when it comes to his big brother, but when it comes down to it he adores him and is the sweetest thing when it comes to his little sister. But cross him and he will go grouchy old man you like that. One day I expect I’ll find him camped out on the front lawn on a folding chair, yelling at passers by “GET OFF MY LAWN!” Then again, last night he said, “I wish I could hug you forever, Mom.” You too, buddy. You too.

My 2 year old daughter: I never expected to have 3 children, and sometimes it still hasn’t sunk in. But when I think about it, she really completes our family. When her brothers are violently trying to murder each other, she can walk into the room and they will pause the killing just to adore her. She has 2 pinky fingers so she can have a brother on each one. She will go through life with her 2 body guard brothers who will take out anyone who messes with her. But that’s not to say she really needs them. She is a freaking Amazon warrior princess physically and mentally. She takes names and demands her fair share. While this will probably be a good thing when she’s grown up, I sometimes wonder, “what just happened?!”

I think I’ll save more about me for another post. I mean I need to build the suspense and all. If you think my family is nutty, I am the grand piece of work.

So there we are. I’m not here dole out sage parenting advice (heck, if I actually took any sage advice, I probably wouldn’t be so crazed now, would I?) But I do feel that the world would be a better place if we all could laugh at ourselves and WITH others and be encouraging and respectful of one another. That’s not to say that I never bitch for sport or anything. Quite the opposite – I’ve achieved pro status at this point. Ask my husband and children.

The point of this blog is to share some of my insanity and hopefully have you laugh along with me (and probably feel like you really do in fact have your act together.) Thanks for visiting.



  1. Kieran · October 26, 2017

    Love it! Family is a word that means insanity. Which came first?


  2. Allison · October 27, 2017

    Typo alert line 1: cursing his high vs is high, but what a great opening line!


    • mypediatricpsychward · October 27, 2017

      As always, the editing goddess! Thank you! I really need to figure out the proper use of ellipsis, en and em dashes! I use the liberally and most likely improperly.


  3. Allison · October 27, 2017

    I love your constant contrast between aspiration and reality. That’s the truth of life, right? Getting those things as close together as we can, and how we handle it when we fail?


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